“I never want to move house again” – said for the umpteenth time.

I am now moved into my new flat. And I don’t want to move house again. Having said that, I haven’t taken my last breath yet, so there’s a good chance that my desire might not translate into reality. The last couple of house moves my bro and his wife – for whom I work – have made have coincided with moves I have made as well. Bloody poor planning on their part, I must say. It’s damned awkward, both of us trying to run a business and work at the same time as us both moving house. They have to cut it out.

Recently, I asked them how long they thought they would be in their new place, just so I know to prepare for another move myself, and they thought that it wouldn’t be very long – maybe a couple of years. Not what I expected to hear, and I confess that the agonised groan which was heard immediately after that did come from yours truly. My situation is that I need to stay in my new flat for at least a couple of years for tax purposes (I won’t bore you with the details), after that I’ll decide whether to stay or go. In my heart there’s a skirmish going on between feeling certain that this isn’t my last place of residence, and wanting it to be.

In the grand scheme of things it wasn’t the worst house move ever, as it was just down the driveway from the back flat of three to the front flat. Nothing compared to moving to a different country. I have moved countries in my youth, but only had a couple of suitcase to pack to take with me. How time and acquiring stuff changes us, eh? However, there were still the inevitable bumps and kinks to overcome and iron out even between flat three and flat one down the driveway.

Scott, Liam and Patrick moving one of the couches from my old flat to my my new one.

But I’m here now, and as I write, Scott and Liam are putting the finishing touches to the landscaping outside. I can honestly say that no one who knows me will ever have seen a lawn and garden like that before in any place I’ve lived 🙂 Their preparation has been meticulous, and even though looks fairly standard, it’s a job brilliantly done. I must admit that I was a bit dubious about the prospect of having a perfect lawn and garden, but there’s also a certain liberation in it not being quite such an unkempt beast silently, but constantly, admonishing me for not being the Good Gardener.

I can’t stop looking at this perfection – it’s like it belongs to someone else – lol!

My cat, Patrick, had his first barf on the new carpet eleven days after moving in. Aren’t cats a mystery they way they always have to barf on carpet? They can be chewing off a bit of grass outside, but come inside to barf it out on the carpet. If they’re feeling a bit seedy after eating breakfast or dinner, they don’t barf on the kitchen floor; oh, no – that would be too easy – they grace the carpet in the lounge with their stomach’s contents. I bet they don’t even know why they do that, so even if I could get inside a cat’s head, I doubt if I would get an answer. Ah well, I guess they’re not unlike many of us in that respect.

I know it’s brown, but it’s definitely cart barf and not the other brown stuff.

Barfing is clearly a tiring business, because then he had to go for a lie down afterwards.

On the whole, even with teething problems (of which there have been a few), barfing cats and all, I think I’ll like living here. If not, well my bro and his wife may be moving in a couple of years ……..

12 thoughts on ““I never want to move house again” – said for the umpteenth time.

    1. No, he would be totally barbaric about that, if stones weren’t laid down over the soil 😊 I have a litter box in the garage for him, but I suspect he stills go down to the old flat sometimes.

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  1. Trish Stewart Clairvoyant

    Love it, especially the bit about Partick barfing.

    I do love your lawn and garden, is this the front /roadside of your place? Trish Stewart Clairvoyant and Empowerment Coach Mobile 021 115 3086 http://www.trishstewart.co.nz

    *Discover what is holding you back **then Live the Life you desire…*

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    1. Hey! Patrick barfing is a crime against carpet, I’ll have you know 😸

      Yes, that’s the roadside. Scott and Liam are going to put up brush fencing on the inside while the bushes grow. That will help to reduce road noise and dust until the bushes can take over in a few years. It won’t look as pretty as having the blue fence, but will still be okay, and make for a better environment.


  2. At least Patrick did it on a flat, easy to clean surface! My cat once walked up to a new pair of shoes I had sitting next to the door and began the familiar “urk urk urk” over them. I screamed NOOOO and charged at her, which caused her to run to my bedroom, slink under the bed, and proceed to unleash the contents of her gut there. I told her after she came back out into the daylight, “No more food until I know you’re not going to do THAT again.” To which she gave me this very sad, big eyed look: “Oh! What a cruel mommy you are! I’m calling the Humane Society on you!”

    But yeah, moving is a nightmare. I don’t love my new place but after all the expense and grief—after unpacking, I still can’t find my old bathroom scale and a favorite hat I wear while gardening—I refuse to go anywhere until the rent rises to the point where I can’t afford to stay, or I can no longer live on my own/my limbs fail me and I end up in a home for the aged. At which point, I’m guessing, someone else will have to do the moving for me!

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    1. Haha – you’re right, it wasn’t the worst place for him to barf. I’ve also charged at a cat who’s started to heave, and like you, have found that it often doesn’t go well. But we can hardly sit back and just watch them, though.

      I don’t think it’s necessary to love the place we’re in, as long as it suits our needs and a few comforts we can still make it a home. Our lives are made up of more than just the construction we live in, although I do acknowledge that it’s an important foundation in our lives, so we have to at least not hate it.


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