Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I followed the same tradition last night that I have maintained for many years now, and did nothing. Being only a ‘mildly social’ person, I’m happy in my mildly curmudgeonly ways, which I don and discard in no particular order, and at will, according to the occasion. What can I say? I’m an older woman and enjoy not having the pressure to conform, nor care too about being inconsistent. In fact, I’ve just decided now that ‘inconsistency’ shall be my new year’s resolution for 2022.

Unknowingly at the time, I started off my resolution of inconsistency yesterday by an impromptu visit to a friend of the nephew’s, whose lifestyle is totally inconsistent with mine, and had a fabulous day. The nephew has got himself a new job and his first car, so we went driving in it to see his friend, David. Up until now, the nephew has lived his life in academia and writing academic books, which has been satisfying and rewarding, but not lucrative. Penury has not been a totally unfamiliar acquaintance – but that’s all changed now.

The nephew and I live on the same property – he in the back flat of three, and I live in the front flat – so we engage a bit with each other. Plus, we scored almost the exact same score on the Autism Spectrum quiz¹, although we did squeak into the ‘normal’ range – haha – so we kinda ‘get’ each other, even when we don’t agree with each other.

The nephew’s friend, David, is a retired, but still gregarious, law professor. He and his dog, Bob (a female) and mother to my sister’s dog, live in Port Levy² (MāoriKoukourarata) on Banks Peninsulaᶟ, about an hour and twenty minutes’ stunningly picturesque drive from where the nephew and I live in Christchurch.

The road to Port Levy.

Their abode is a big old colonial house on 6.5 hectares (16 acres) of land, which was used in the movie ‘Z for Zachariah’⁴ released in 2015. It’s an apocalypse-survival movie, which doesn’t appear to be on Netflix, unfortunately, but is for hire on Neon.

Bob, the nephew, and David – and his big old amazing house.

Upon the nephew’s and my arrival, we were immediately invited to sit with David and his friend and neighbour, Rufus, in the garden to have a beer. We thought it impolite to decline, so we didn’t 🙂

The nephew, David, and Rufus.

Then we got the house and property tour, which isn’t new to the nephew, although he enjoys seeing the changes that have occurred in between his infrequent visits. The property consists of the aforesaid house, an orchard, gardens, and connecting places amongst them all which don’t have names. It’s has some structure and order, but the other impression I got was that it wasn’t entirely tamed. It had me enthralled.

David combining a bit of weeding with the tour.

A recent addition is a holiday cottage⁵, which I could just see myself in for weekends away. For me, it has the right balance of being in an untamed, but not disordered, world, whilst not roughing it. It’s impossible for me to live in disorder, yet I crave to be in environments sometimes that are not totally tamed down. When I turned thirty years old, I decided that I was never going bush-camping again. I hated it, but I’d allowed myself to be coerced into doing it to suit other people. Although I loved the wildness of the bush, I didn’t love roughing it, so the experience was always tarnished by that. More than thirty years later, I’ve finally come to the realisation that places that can combine staying in an untamed world (or close to it) mixed with some home comforts are just my cuppa tea. Some of us are slow learners, but now that my eyes have been opened, who knows where those eyes might take me 🙂

All in all, it was a damn good day, and the spur of the moment decision to drive to David’s was a great way to finish one year, and set the tone for a new one. Here’s to 2022 – and the whole new mess of living and life it will bring – lol!

A doorway to one of the un-named places, which has a huge walnut tree in it.
Bob having a rest under the walnut tree.

¹Autism Spectrum Quotient (AQ) (psychology-tools.com)

²Port Levy – Wikipedia

Banks Peninsula – Wikipedia

Z for Zachariah (film) – Wikipedia

Matagouri Cottage (Bachcare) – Port Levy Holiday Home for rent | Holiday Houses

7 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. What a wonderful idea for the 2022s, fine company, personal tours, and a Carlsbad (I see half the label and the font is familiar). You guys have been at it a full day and we’re still four hours away from the calendar switch.
    Glad to know you are in Christchurch, I hadn’t known but can now update my mental map of NZ geography.
    We are watching what has become a planet-wide phenomenon: British Bake Offs. Started with the white tent in the UK, have begun the closely modeled Canadian version, and yesterday we started in on the version just launched in NZ. A light-hearted approach to competition and to chemistry, physics, and engineering (for the lay watcher, of course). NZ is a happening place, but you already knew that.
    Happy NY to all and each!

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    1. Haha – sharp eyes spotting that Carlsbad label. It’s more than the font that’s familiar to you, I’m guessing 🙂 Yes, New Zealand’s a really happening place – about two years after the rest of the world – lol! However, it’s what we’ve got, and no good wishing for something else. I didn’t know about the bake-off programme, but it sounds like a bit of fun. Happy new year to you and yours, too – when it arrives 🙂

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      1. Quite true about familiarity with the bottle’s contents. Back in 1972, I took a tour of the Heiniken Brewery in Amsterdam at about 8:00. The tour ended with endless beer at 9:00 A.M. Such is my knowledge of green-bottled beers.
        I like places that happen at their own paces, a little unexpected rhyme there 🙂
        We quite enjoy the familiar paces of those baking shows, basically following the same set of steps and expectations. Predictable buy soothing somehow. We still have 2 hours and 15 minutes until leaving 2021. 🙂

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  2. Happy New Year, Katrina! What a nice way to begin 2022. We loved Banks Peninsula when we lived in Christchurch. The drive over the top is spectacular. The old house you visited and the whole property looks amazing.

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  3. sptownsend

    Now there is a delightful blast from the past … the inimitable David Round. My late ex, his children and I welcomed in the year 2000 at that house. We were upstairs looking out at the time the clock reached midnight, and at the exact moment Steve Krenek set off a massive fireball out in front of the house. I can still recall the feeling of blistering heat on my face. I can also remember playing in the pit orchestra for the 1977 Musoc production of Norman and Farnsworth’s musical Cinderolla and the Fairy Oddmother. David was the Fairy Oddmother and wore a pink tutu and bright pink spray painted workman’s boots. If I remember correctly he flew down onto the stage suspended on a wire. Happy memories.

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    1. Haha – what an amazing coincidence! Yes, I’ve heard that David liked theatre 😊 I bet his New Year’s Eve parties are still something, but he didn’t have one this time because of Covid.


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