It was my birthday, so I wagged work and went to Akaroa

It was my birthday on Thursday, so I wagged work and did a day trip to Akaroa¹ with the nephew. Like me, the nephew is single, child-free, a tad nerdy, and works from home. We rub along quite well together. My birthday is in the ‘busy’ time of year for birthdays, and is the seventh most common birth date in New Zealand.

Akaroa is a small harbour town 84 kms from Christchurch, and is a very pleasant day trip, weekend away, or holiday spot. It was originally settled by the French, who lost the race to get to New Zealand to the British, so had to settle for the second biggest harbour in Banks Peninsula² to park their ships. Many of the street names are still in French, and a lot of the old buildings have been preserved and are still functional, which gives the town a relaxed and old-worldly feel. Cruise ships used to come into Akaroa before Covid, and they created a big bustle and buzz around the place. That has understandably diminished somewhat since Covid broke everything.

French street names.

The nephew and I were late getting away on the day. We’re usually pretty good time-keepers, but sometimes stuff happens. The plan was to lunch and mooch around in Akaroa a bit – the usual tourist activity – and then go and see his ex law professor, who lives a few minutes out of the township. Instead we stopped at Little River, a fabulous little town along the way with an unexpectedly good cafe and art gallery, and grabbed some food to take away. When we got to Duvauchelle Bay, we stopped and ate it in a picnic area opposite the boozer.

The Duvuachelle Bay boozer, with backpackers accommodation in the old cottages opposite. On the way home, we noticed the barren carpark had since sprouted around twenty vehicles.

By the time we got to Akaroa, did the obligatory walk around, and were delighted anew at the stunning scenery and quaintness of the town, it was time to head off to the nephew’s ex law professor’s place. The nephew reckons that I make a good Millenial – go somewhere, take pics, leave 🙂

It was pretty windy on the Akaroa jetty.

Nicky’s home is one of those places you die for. The view is sensational, time stops, and nek minite you’ve been there for way longer than you planned.

Whilst she proclaims not to be terribly gregarious, she is nevertheless very social and welcoming. Maybe because she’s originally from England, or maybe because she just does this, the outdoor table had a tablecloth on it and was set with a tea set awaiting our arrival. I couldn’t help feeling that somehow this was much nicer than plonking mugs down on a bare surface, as per the sort hospitality I would be guilty of. I’m wondering if I should change my ways.

We had such an ab-fab afternoon there, I hope she meant it when she said “come again”. And her holiday cottageᶟ next door would be the perfect place to extend the stay.

The nephew and I at the bottom of Nicky’s garden. Seems like we both like having our hands in our pockets 🙂 I made him stand behind me for the photo, so he didn’t tower over me – lol!

On the way home, I noticed that the Duvauchelle Bay boozer’s carpark, barren at lunchtime, had miraculously sprouted around twenty vehicles. I checked the time – 6:30pm, must be beer o’clock.

I got home late, after an errand or two along the way, but for a day like that I would wag work again anytime. Don’t tempt me too much, though, because now I have to catch up on it 🙂



Header pic of Akaroa by Jonathon Keelty.

11 thoughts on “It was my birthday, so I wagged work and went to Akaroa

  1. That sounds like the perfect way to spend a birthday – especially as I think you and the nephew might have gone overseas if it hadn’t been for Covid. On another trip you need to allow time to visit the Giant’s House – warmly recommended.

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  2. Frances Sullivan

    Oh my gosh, tell me more. Enjoyed this narrative. I felt as though I were tagging along! I’m. One of those “put out the good china” types. See it as you may. I like others to feel pampered. 😌

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    1. I’m seriously considering breaking out the good china tea set left to me by my mother, too 🙂 The cups in this tea set were small-ish, so we had two cups at a time, and just kept re-filling the teapot. Somehow, it was just very nice. Perhaps inviting people for ‘afternoon tea’ will become a thing again.

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  3. Thanks for this great birthday-journal entry, Katrina. Very happy to join you on a work-wagged day away from the fray. 🙂 Good of you to include the wonderful photographs, each postcard-ready.
    Hello to Spring, hello to Autumn!

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  4. Happy belated birthday! (I was here earlier, but computer problems kept me from leaving a birthday greeting.) I’m glad you took time off to celebrate and enjoy the day, especially since it looks like you had nice weather then. Plus you didn’t have to mask up and worry about Covid as we do in the US! Take care and have a great year as well.

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    1. Thanks, Hangaku. No, not having to mask up yet, although it’s encouraged on public transport, etc, but not many do. We’re lucky here so far, but who knows what this virus will do next.


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