Memoir Poem : To my true nemesis friend, my Sister, who carried the weight between love and hate — Seoul Sister

I like this poem below by Seoul Sister.  I like how it acknowledges the sometimes awful way we are as children towards other children, and as sibling towards sibling, especially if we’re living in a tough environment.  Yes, I had a mean older sister, and in turn, my younger sister tells me that I was also a mean older sister – lol!  She claims now, in good humour, that it was “character building”  – hahaha.  All these years later, though, through all the good and bad times, we’ve all emerged – a little battle-scarred, it’s true – still talking to each other 🙂  We’ve drawn a line under the baggage of the past, because it’s not only annoying to keep carrying around, it’s boring!  This is now our freedom and fun time.  And the “coven”* does know how to have fun 🙂


My sister was my bully once upon a long time ago She hated me for existing and for being pampered But I was the designated baby So leave me alone! Stop commanding me to pray before I eat The food that you made for our family It’s not my fault that you were born before […]

via Memoir Poem : To my true nemesis friend, my Sister, who carried the weight between love and hate — Seoul Sister


*  “The Coven” was a moniker bestowed on we three sisters by a male relative –  presumably because we didn’t always play nice, according to the rules-for-women.


3 thoughts on “Memoir Poem : To my true nemesis friend, my Sister, who carried the weight between love and hate — Seoul Sister

  1. Trish Stewart Clairvoyant

    I like this and how you used the Seoul Sister poem. It is thought provoking, it allows you to write a blog without a lot of effort or angst on your part and yet conveys what you want to say.

    It also got me thinking….There is another story at the bottom of the poem page about how 5 children rescued their mother from their father. The story writer shares that we are all born loving and it is the world that makes us evil…. I think we are all born to love and to experience love, but we bring through past lives, and DNA from our ancestors, so we are here to learn and teach love.

    How did you link the poem to your blog? Trish Stewart Clairvoyant and Empowerment Coach Mobile 021 115 3086

    *Discover what is holding you back **then Live the Life you desire…*

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    1. Yes, it can be very useful to re-blog someone else’s blog, when it also captures our own feelings, experience, or work. As you say, it means that we don’t have to write it up ourselves. I know that some unethical people will read a piece, and then take the idea for their own and re-write it by rearranging the words, but basically not changing anything. Having said that, I also realise that sometimes an idea is just an idea, and there are times when writing it up in one’s own words is the only way to convey it in the desired context. Otherwise, re-blogging is great for giving full credit where it’s due, and re-directing people to the original blogsite.

      I saw the piece about the five children who rescued their mother, but didn’t read it. Perhaps I will now that you’ve mentioned it 🙂

      There are usually some ‘share’ buttons at the bottom of blog-piece, although they may be limited to other WordPress blogsites, Twitter, and Facebook.


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