Ballad to Sensationally Sixty

Well, I’ve made it to sixty all in one piece
I’m humbled to be here, still at the feast
It was an up and down journey getting this far
Hurdles and swamps and sticky tar
Much of that was of my own conflating
Although not always of my own creating








Now, something within me has changed
My attitude to life is all rearranged
I don’t care anymore for drama and chaos
Releasing these things is gain, not loss
My focus is on this path ahead
fire is stoked, glowing and red







My heart mourned the loss of my youth
As the safe mooring of that was cut loose
Sailing away to the unexplored lands
Of age and wisdom and wrinkled hands
No turning back, this passage of time
I was on my way, wail or whine







A funny thing happened on that trip
I stopped begging time to turn back the ship
As I sailed away from that safe and sound harbour
My heart began feeling lighter and freer
I found wonder and newness in this journey
Against all odds, I was no longer yearning







The world’s not a good place to those who age
But I refuse to be put into a cage
My warrior within is alive and well
And she will send those who try it straight to hell
I’m right into this new adventure of mine
I didn’t expect it, but I feel fine







How is it that I feel so happy and free?
I don’t know, it’s a mystery
A secret that’s been well kept, I daresay
By those who have already been this way
All I know is that it’s not drear
There is joy and laughter here







No matter that death is closer than before
I feel freer and lighter, and so much more
My best life is from here on in
I intend to live it in love and sin
Big or small, it matters not
Whatever comes, I’ll live the lot.


(photo by Joshua Hoehne)






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